International Conference
Gender sensitization of society as a precondition of gender equality

International Conference

The international conference (Gender Sensitization of Society as a Precondition of Gender Equality) took place in Bratislava on 21 September 2006 as a part of the international cooperation of the project aimed at gender sensitive education.

The objective of the conference was to show how we could learn - not only in school as such - about many aspects of gender equality from the results of partner’s projects and from projects’ good practice.


Program of the Conference - Presentation of some aspects of realization of the project aimed at gender sensitive education
Annie the Rose and Tony the Bruise (theater performance of Theatre on the Crossroads from Banská Bystrica; written and directed by Iveta Škripková; production design: Katarína Lucinkiewiczová; performed by: Mária Šamajová)
Jana Cviková: Tools of Gender Sensitization and Experiences with Their Utilization.

Monika Bosá: Gender Stereotypes in School and in the Media
(Project Plus for Women 45+ Elimination of barries to labor activities of senior women – on the way to gender equality)

Zora Bútorová: Plus for women 45+ (Elimination of barries to labor activities of senior women – on the way to gender equality)
(preliminary findings of the project)

Vega Rodriguez: Women in “Male“ Professions
(ARIADNA, Spain)

Sabine Prokop: Women’s Networks: Input/Output?
(KLARA - Netzwerk für Equal Pay und Gender Gleichstellung, Austria)

Oľga Pietruchová: Gender Mainstreaming in Services of Reproductive Health
(preliminary findings of the project)

Beata Perichtová: Gender Equality in the Workplace
(Working condition as determinants of labor gender inequality)

Vahida Dedič, Neva Marn: With Excellence to Equality of Sexes: Defining Obstacles in Career Building and the Ways of Removing Them.

Anna Nemcová: Research and Creation of Indicators of Gender Equality in the Labor Market in the Region of Pezinok – Modra.
(preliminary findings of the project)

Sara Danelon: Sensitization Campaign and Organization of the Social Contract Signing by all Involved Subjects.
(ESS.ER.CI. Rewritten Social Contract, Italy)