Manifold educational activities for various audiences are a very important part of the project. In this section the Slovak version of our website features:

Teaching Methods - offering methodology and concrete classroom activities to approach gender issues in school;
Recommended Readings - mapping out publications and websites on the issue of gender and education, and providing tips for further reading;
Equality of Opportunities for School – containing the Slovak translation of the book A Preventive Approach to Equal Opportunities: From School to Employment - a handbook for school teachers and students of school of education published by the Canary Islands regional government;
Seminars and Lectures - on topics such as gender and language, violence against women or gender and visual culture;
Pilot Project – information about activities of the pilot project carried out in cooperation with teachers at the Elementary School Gorkého 21 in Trnava through seminars, classroom activities and preparation of teaching methods.

Additional materials may be found at The English version contains just samples. Try the nibbles.

Gender Equality as a Tool of Social Change
Accredited Educational Course

The project ( focuses on various educational activities for elementary and secondary school teachers and for students of schools of education. Gender Equality as a Tool of Social Change is an educational course accredited by the Ministry of Education SR that was elaborated on the basis of three-year-long experiences of the project with education and learning. ...

Teaching Methods
How to approach gender issue in the classroom

A gender role is one of the roles that we play throughout our lives. However, contrary to other roles we also play, it is shrouded in a mythical veil of permanency – as something that is given once for all; something about which we cannot and don’t need to contemplate. ...

International Conference
Gender sensitization of society as a precondition of gender equality

The international conference (Gender Sensitization of Society as a Precondition of Gender Equality) took place in Bratislava on 21 September 2006 as a part of the international cooperation of the project aimed at gender sensitive education. ...