Teaching Methods
How to approach gender issue in the classroom

A gender role is one of the roles that we play throughout our lives. However, contrary to other roles we also play, it is shrouded in a mythical veil of permanency – as something that is given once for all; something about which we cannot and don’t need to contemplate. But gender stereotypes are a restricting trap. All of us, the gown-ups and children, are socialized into some gender roles. The objective of the following activities is to reflect upon gender roles and loosen their boundaries that can be discriminating against us.

The chapter Teaching Methods/Classroom Activities from the book Ružový a modrý svet (Pink and Blue World) offers general tips on how to approach gender issue in the classroom and provides concrete activities to inspire students to think about gender, gender roles and gender stereotypes and discuss their impact as well as possibilities to overcome them.

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