Paula’s Story
A reconstruction of the lost female writer´s diary

Paula’s Story

Written and Directed by: Iveta Škripková
Production Design: Katarína Lucinkiewiczová
Music Cooperation: Tibor Vajda, Juraj Haško
Performed by: Mária Šamajová, Marianna Mackurová, Alena Sušilová, Timea Jamrichová

The performance with the theme of gender division of labor is based on staged reading from a book by one of the lost Slovak female writers Pavla Cebocli. Her book is presented together with a part from the book A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf. Paula Cebocli's writing depicts female experience, but also female silence. Paula’s story is something like reconstruction of a diary. A properly socialized woman, no matter how independent, is forgiving and loving selflessly, and she lets herself get dragged into enmity towards other women, sisters, mothers in law, merely to keep her humble place in a symbolic male order - because for her there si no other place and order. Its alternative is exclusion. Events, characters and micro stories seem like resurfacing from the back of our memory. Small records transformed into sentences relate together just like days relate to each other, passing one after the other, each filled with something different.

Preview excerpts from the preformance I.

Preview excerpts from the preformance II.