The Emotional Upbringing of a Snake Woman
A Play about Secrets of Mothers and their Daughters

The Emotional Upbringing of a Snake Woman

Directed by: Iveta Škripková
Production Design, Costumes, Scene: Soňa Mrázová
Music: selection, Juraj Haško
Choreography: Tatiana Jánošová
Performed by: Mária Šamajová, Marianna Mackurová, Alena Sušilová/Anna Kršiaková, Ivana Kováčová, Stanislava Pázmányová and Slavomíra Fulínová

The Director about the Play:
Because of our cooperation with the feminist publishing and educational project ASPEKT we’ve been for some time reading and staging texts written by women. We deliberately search for forms of female theater language and acting. We believe they are different from those offered in regular theater plays. Therefore, seemingly inadvertently, but to me naturally, at rehearsals we started to talk about our mothers…we spoke about what they were like, what they usually did, what they dreamed about, what they taught us and what they warned us against…Until we came to the conclusion how little we knew about them and how often we did the same things we disliked about them…

...We decided to give shape to our feelings and experiences and put together a theater play. A play that would pay attention to mothers, daughters, relations between sisters. This play is The Emotional Upbringing of a Snake Woman...

...We continue in of women’s studies. In our search for the female theater language, in the theme of idealized patterns of behavior, of tasks and expectations placed on women, daughters, mothers. Because a mother is labeled with the most expressive adjectives, emotions, symbols. Because: as a mother you are not allowed to be yourself, it is not about you anymore, you are supposed to put up with everything and bear it (J. Cviková). And how about the daughter?

Preview excerpts from the preformance