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The book Ružový a modrý svet. Rodové stereotypy a ich dôsledky (Pink and Blue World. Gender Stereotypes and their Consequences) was published in the second edition as a component of the project The book itself was the firts impulse for the whole project and it is a foundation of its manifold activities.

The structure of the book is very specific. It contains a number of expert papers on topics such as the relation between sex and gender, matherhood, the beauty myth, violence against women, gender sensitive education and others - all of them focusing on gender stereotypes and their role in socialization of women and men. All studies are complemented by a collage of additional materials, such as excerpts from children’s books, fiction and nonfiction books, quotations, pictures, working materials for pupils and students, etc. The book also contains a story of a teenage girl named Babeta. The story was later published separately as a children’s book.

Schools are not the only target audience of the book Ružový a modrý svet. Rodové stereotypy a ich dôsledky (Pink and Blue World. Gender Stereotypes and their Consequences) and of the project It is intended for all children and their grown-ups. The book is also a useful primer in gender studies, and the first step in sensitizing its readers to gender issues and their dynamics in culture and society.

You can read selected materials from the book in English and download them in the .pdf format HERE


Before We Start


Jana Cviková: One Is Not Born a Woman or a Man

Sex and Gender

“The proper woman” and “the proper man”
The picture of“the proper man” and “the proper woman” in Slovakia
Mark Twain: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Daniel Hevier: How Lea Did Not Fear the Lion
Daniel Hevier: About a Dog Who Feared a Boy Who Feared the Dog
Jana Juráňová: The Little Red Riding Hood
What Do Children's Book Hide?
Lucy Maud Montgomery: Anne of Green Gables (excerpt)
Karl May: Winnetou (excerpt)

Viera Bačová: Why Do Women Accept their Disadvantaged Position in Society?

Various Forms of Uses and Perceptions of Power

“Good” Women Deserve Love and Protection of Men
Gender Pay Gap
Elisabeth Badinter: XY. On Masculine Identity
People Are Different, Even Men Are
Victor J. Seidler: Rediscovering Masculinity
Jana Juráňová: Babeta Explores the World. The First Piece of Book for Girls

Kateřina Lišková: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

The Imperative of the Beauty Myth

The Beauty Myth Representations

Monika Bosá: Trouble with Love – Why Do We Have It?

Risks of Stereotypical Vews on Sexuality

What Makes an Advertisement Sexist?
Jana Juráňová: Babeta Explores the World. The Second Piece of the Book for Girls

Monika Bosá: Why Women Face Violence

The Imbalance of Power Between Men and Women

Myths and Facts on Violence against Women
How We Can Help
The Red Card to Violence against Women
Because My Father Does It Too

Juliana Szolnokiová: Experience and Stereotypes

Social Contexts of Motherhood

Franz Kafka: Letter to His Father
Imre Kertész: Father and Auschwitz
The Family Picture
Elisabeth Badinter: Fathers´ Revolution
Marek Šálek: Wingless Parents
On mothering

Hana Bednaříková: Motherhood as Part of Women’s Identity

From Individual Experience to Solidarity

People are Different, Even Women Are

Ľuba Kobová: Toys or Tools?

A Note on Technologies

Tips for Teachers and Parents: Girls Need Not Be Afraid of Mice
Jana Juráňová: Babeta Explores the World. The Third Piece of the Book for Girls

Ľubica Lacinová: Do Women Think Differently?

Nature vs. Nurture

Katarína Minarovičová: What You Learn in School about Equality...

Gender Stereotypes in Teachers´ Behavior and Attitudes

Glossary of Basic Concepts

About Authors, Editors and Organizations

Editorial Notes

Teaching Methods/Classroom Activities

How to Do It

Seeming differences
Benefits redistribution
“Women’s” and “men’s” activities
Johnny and Mary
A visitor from the outer space
A winning lottery ticket
Word game
Textbooks under the microscope
A history conference

Recommended Literature